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IT fintech project manager

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Project manager

Title: Project Manager – Fintech –

Company: CFPS OÜ

Location: London, UK

Type: Full Time

Category: Management, IT/Tech

Location: You can be located anywhere in the world and work distantly!

Visa sponsorship: None

Fintech/Blockchain company is looking for an experienced manager to take over the day-to-day project management in senior management position of CFPS OÜ. This involves monitoring and managing the employee team, developers, existing partnerships to bring the product to the market. Our company’s employees are working in online mode prior to launch and you should be able to successfully manage and work on tasks in long-distance mode for the first 6-8 months of your employment.

You will be responsible for:

Daily tasks

Monitoring the quality, timing, budget and risks of the project;

Control and launch campaigns aimed at supporting events

Agile project management

Mentor, develop and support team members.

Therefore we are looking for someone with:

Ability to work on distance using online conferencing and project management tools

Excellent knowledge of project management

Experience over 2 years in cryptocurrency / blockchain / fintech field on senior management position

Deep understanding / industry knowledge

Experience in bringing the product to the market

IT Management skills

Fintech & Crypto background or a strong software/mathematical understanding.

Proficiency in Russian language will be to your advantage

If you meet the above requirements apply ASAP for an opportunity to join our team


  • Английский язык (разговорный)


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Вакансия в архиве
№ 34594114
21 сентября
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